Go Lighter


Product Description

5 tubes of Restore color
4 Activators (3, 10, 20 & 40 vol)
1 Brilliant Paint Lightening Powder (500g)
1 Diamond Lightening Powder (500g)
1 Brilliant Lightening Powder (1000g)
1 LumiGloss Frost
1 Product Guide
1 Quickstart Guide


$250.25 value
$65.25 in free product
26% discount

Restore shades included: 6.1, 7.2, 10.2, 8.13, 9.13

This item is a join kit and does not pay commission. It has a discount instead.

Swaps: Given the low number of tubes of color in this enrollment kit, it is not eligible for the JWP swap program. You can, however, purchase the Envelop or Restore swap bundles separately following the purchase of this kit, which will entitle you to 30 swaps so long as the swap bundle purchase is made in your first 30 days as a Jack Winn Pro Associate.