A Better Way to Retail

We reinvented a better way to increase your income by making it easier for your clients to buy retail, benefit from promotions and never leave you out of the picture.

1) We won’t sell products to your clients in retail stores or on Amazon.

2) When your client uses your free marketing site to buy product, you get paid up to 50% commission – and don’t have to stock inventory.

3) Your client is always associated with you, without having to use and remember an affiliate code every time they buy. So when we send special savings and offers to your client after their first purchase you always get the commission. We won’t sell directly to your clients and leave you out.
And they can buy products whenever it’s convenient for them.

4) When you sell from your website we handle sales tax and track your sales. You can earn your way to trips and other rewards through your online retail sales. And if you client chooses "coordinate pickup with stylist" as their shipping method, we will ship replacement product to you with your next order.


Improve Your Business

By selling directly to stylists, instead of paying markups, salaries and rent for reps and beauty suppliers, we are able to invest those profits back into stylists and better products. We pay you 10% in ongoing referral commissions for the stylists you introduce to us.

Instead of non-licensed reps or employees at the beauty supply, you can turn to stylists that actually use and know these products behind their chair who become collaborators, resources and support.

There are some stylists who enjoy sharing this opportunity with a few friends and they’re rewarded for that. There are some stylists that treat it like a business and can make a substantial income by helping others to be successful building our generous community.

For some, their referral check covers some of their business expenses – like getting their color or station rent paid for. Plus the bigger bonus of getting to use products they trust and love behind the chair. For others, $2000 a month covers a mortgage, health insurance and more. For others, even higher amounts translate into even more freedom.


You Can Travel With Us

Multiple times each year, we take stylists on trips with us throughout the United States, Tropical Paradises and European destinations.